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The Power Clamp is a revolutionary C-Clamp that requires only one hand to operate the clamp while leaving the other hand free to hold on to your work. The clamp is then able to apply high clamping forces equivalent to a two hand operation. Please see link for more information.


Currently there are a wide range of manual C-Clamps and clamping devises on the market for the tradesman and handy man to use when clamping. But no clamp to date has been able to apply the force of two hands, repeatedly apply different pre-set pressures and if needed leave one hand free to the hold work piece. The "Power Clamp" has been designed to fill this gab in the market place as shown below.

The "Power Clamp" is designed for simplicity, practicality of use and is aesthetically pleasing.

The "Power Clamp" has been designed for ease of manufacture.  Using existing technology and methodologies it can be easily manufactured with minimal out lay.

Work Completed

  • Marketability evaluation has shown positive results for the use of such a clamp in the handy man and construction industry.
  • A fully functional prototype.
  • Comprehensive design specifications and preliminary engineering reports.
























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Further products under development, please revisit website in the near future