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Soft Stream


Soft Stream Is the friendly plant thirst quencher designed to be gentle on plants whilst saving time and water in the garden. Please click on the link for more information.


The "*Soft Stream" watering device is an attachment to an ordinary garden hose that can release aerated water at a very low water pressure with a high rate of flow.

The Need

When water is applied directly to soil with a garden hose or with a conventional water nozzle attached, substantial soil erosion can occur due to the high localised water pressure being discharged. This can cause the water to wash the soil away and expose the roots of plants, which is highly damaging to small plants and seedlings. The high water pressure can also have the undesirable effect of washing away recently planted seeds.

The Benefits

  • Minimal soil erosion when watering with the soft stream device
  • Save water by watering to the direct area only, instead of mist, spray and splash being wasted by other devices
  • High flow rate means quicker watering times for plants
  • No more burnt leaves from spray
  • Easy to use, just click into a hose fitting, lay on the desired area and turn on the water
  • The device can easily be cleaned
  • The device is economical to manufacture, consisting of only three parts
























Further products under development, please revisit website in the near future